Terms and Conditions

Our 100% money-back guarantee covers the quality of our products and is limited to 30 days and no more than one box of Manuka Honey products. This is to protect us from anyone who may one day request a full refund on year’s supply of purchases when they need some quick cash. The purpose of the guarantee is to give people the confidence that we stand behind the quality of myHealth Manuka Honey Products. 

Q: What does your 100% Money-Back Guarantee cover?

A: The 100% money-back guarantee covers 100% of the cost of the product. If for any reason after using myHealth Manuka Honey Products, you are not completely satisfied with the product, then simply return the full box for a refund or replacement product. We do not refund shipping costs. 

Q: What does your 100% Money-Back Guarantee not cover?

A: The 100% money-back guarantee does not cover shipping costs, products that were purchased more than 30 days ago. Please include copy of receipt payment for the refund or replacement.   

Note: You may not be eligible to continue buying myHealth Manuka Honey Products if you claim the guarantee.

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